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Big Bang Bunk

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Please consider 25 reasons that prove the Universe did not originate from a gigantic explosion, called the Big Bang.
 25) The Big Bang theory of origins does not describe the origin, but the reshuffling of an already existing Universe where the law of universal gravitation, matter and energy already existed. To discredit this theory that doesn’t even fulfill its own title, i need say nothing more, nonetheless, i will continue.
 24) Let’s go back to the moment of the Big Bang, to when the chunk of unknown primordial material is allegedly so densely compacted, beyond our wildest imagination, such that even light can’t escape its crushing gravitational force field, therefore, when the gigantic explosion takes place nothing happens because it’s impossible for anything to achieve escape velocity. As above, i need say nothing more to incapacitate the theory, yet i will continue at length.
 23) A fist-sized (or desk-sized) ball of unknown primordial material could not have engendered the billions of stars known to exist, plus, Professor Sean Carroll, Ph.D. from Harvard University teaches that 95% of the contents of the cosmos is invisible to all our current methods of direct detection.
 22) Big Bang scientists imagine that our Solar System formed itself out of a huge cloud of revolving debris. The center of the cloud “coalesced” into the body of the Sun and the outer portions “coalesced” into the planets. Two Big-Bang impossibilities confront us at this point: 1) The Sun’s composition is unlike that of any other planet, and 2) This cloud of debris we are imagining contains force vectors that could arguably give rise to the planets’ orbits around the Sun, but in no way can these forces explain: Where did the enormous energy come from that caused the planets to rotate on their own axis? In the case of Earth its surface speed of rotation is 1,000 mph, but Jupiter’s speed, the largest of the planets, is 28,000 mph! (A speeding bullet could reach 3,400 mph.) These impossibilities are beside the embarrassing fact that Venus rotates backwards, and the fact that Saturn’s rings of debris show no interest in coalescing! (See graph: Rotational speed of planets.)

Rotational Speed of Planets

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Rotational Speed of Planets

Rotational Speed of Planets

 21) Our Sun, a thermonuclear furnace ranging from 10 thousand to 27 million degrees F° and consisting of two gases: 75% hydrogen and 25% helium, could not have catapulted out of the same explosion as planet Earth, whose composition is not gaseous and whose surface is 71% covered by water.
 20) Earth could not have altered its rotational axis 24° off of its orbital plane around the Sun using radial force vectors from a gigantic explosion alone, and the same applies to the other planets, whose axial tilt ranges from 0° with Mercury to 99° with Pluto, and to 180° with Venus.
 19) The average speed of the planets in their orbit around the Sun is 12.19 mps, which is 1.71 mps faster than the Sun’s rotation on its axis, and Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, is travelling almost three times faster than the Sun on its axis!!! This is Big Bang impossible. [See graph: Orbital speed of the planets.]
Orbital Speed of Planets around the Sun

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Orbital Speed of Planets around the Sun

 18) Saturn’s rings are not aligned with the orbital plane of the planets around the Sun. This misalignment cannot be accounted for by the “cloud model” that Big Bang scientists use to explain the origin of our Solar System.
 17) The Sun rotates on its axis once a month (30 days) and in order for it to have emerged out of the Big Bang force field, all of its planets and their moons had to emerge together, yet the orbital periods of the planets differ so vastly from the rotation of the Sun – ranging from 88 days with Mercury to 91 thousand days with Pluto (Earth takes 365 days) such that this phenomenon is Big Bang impossible. [See graph: Orbital Period of Planets]
Length of Planets’ Year

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Length of Planets' Year

 16) A gigantic explosion would have put all the heavenly bodies onto a radial trajectory away from the point of departure and away from each other, like bicycle spokes, and tumbling uncontrollably forever, making our Solar System impossible, which is tuned by circular or orbital, not radial, force vectors.
 15) A gigantic explosion proceeds out of haphazard events which are blind and random, none of which have any plan, purpose nor goal, and which result in an increased random distribution, not in a glorious array of life on Earth with a biosphere full of order, stability, balance, harmony, beauty and intelligence.
 14) According to the 1999 World Book Encyclopedia, Alpha Centauri, the star of outer space that is closest to Earth: “is approaching our Solar System at about 14 miles (23km) per second.” This is Big Bang impossible because an explosion puts all debris on a radial trajectory away from itself and never does it approach nor is it approached by anything else.
 13) According to the 1999 World Book Encyclopedia: “the Sun is moving in the direction of the constellation Hercules at about 12 miles per second.” This, as above, is Big Bang impossible.
 12) Half of the planets of our Solar System – including the Sun which accounts for 99.8% of the mass of the entire system – have no surface, whereas the other half are solid with distinct surfaces. This radical disparity within the same galactic neighborhood is Big Bang impossible.
 11) Debris which is catapulted outward from the epicenter of an explosion in outer space must tumble forever: the planets must tumble, the stars, the Sun and its entire system must tumble as a natural state of randomness and chaos. Note however, that quite the contrary is the case in our Solar System, in which there is no tumbling and the system itself is stable relative to the constellations of the zodiac as it has been for thousands of years of recorded history.
 10) The precise and steady alignment especially of the Sun, Earth and Moon relative to each other such that they can eclipse each other during all the thousands of years of recorded history, is Big Bang impossible.
 9) Earth’s Moon could not have found its way into a perfect geo-centric orbit PLUS a perfect one-revolution on its own axis per orbit by the radial force vectors of a gigantic explosion alone.
 8) Earth’s Moon is perhaps the proof closest to home of the impossibility of the whole Big Bang confabulation in which the probability of a waterless body orbiting close to a body 71% covered by water is an astronomical impossibility.
 7) Earth’s Moon could not have jumped out of nor could it have been scooped out of the Pacific Ocean, see #9 above.
 6) Earth’s Moon is pleasantly round and uniform, whereas Earth’s surface is the most mountainous of all the planets.
 5) The Moon’s orbital and rotational periods are equal, precise, and stable, making this the most perfect phenomenon in the Solar System due to which the far side of the Moon has never been seen from Earth.
 4) Venus is said to be Earth’s twin, but if they are twins they are radically unidentical. Venus’ day is 5400 hours long, not 24 hours as is the Earth’s. It has no magnetic field, whereas Earth’s magnetic field is strong. Its atmospheric pressure is 90 times greater than that of planet Earth and its surface temperature is 6 times hotter than the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, set at 864 F°. Its rotation on its axis is opposite that of the Earth, the Sun and all other bodies of the Solar System. These radical dissimilarities make the Big Bang highly impossible.

Length of Planet’s Day

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Length of Planet's Day

 3) Uranus and Pluto are the only planets that rotate on horizontal axes but without tumbling which phenomenon departs radically from the inherent randomness of a gigantic explosion making this also Big Bang impossible.
 2) All five of Uranus’ satellites are “appreciably different” one from another which is Big Bang impossible.
 1) Neptune’s largest moon, Triton, orbits backwards of all other bodies in the Solar System, and travels in an unusually circular orbit, whereas its fellow satellite Nereid is smaller, has an elliptical orbit and, as above, orbits in a direction opposite of Triton. This set of phenomena is Big Bang impossible.
 0) BANG – but order and stability can’t emerge from the chaos of an explosion, regardless its characteristics, and it didn’t. Furthermore, upon the Big Bang myth is constructed the myth of macro – evolutionism, which also can’t survive once the Big Bang myth is discarded.


The scientists who set the “Big Bang” story in motion are pseudo-scientists and, although their story remains the sacred cow of modern science and is taught openly to captive students in Big Bang schools throughout the Western World, however, this story is worse than a false religion because it’s a lie and must be withdrawn from the empirical sciences and studied with alchemy, fables, fairy tales and mythology, primarily because it is scientifically impossible for order and stability to emerge out of the chaos of a gigantic explosion all by itself and furthermore, it couldn’t even have exploded because the compression had to have been so enormous that even light couldn’t have escaped. I emphatically urge scientists and science teachers to look again so they can see that our Solar System is an irrefutable monument of our Creator’s handiwork, and stop lying to our children; otherwise the superintendents of these “Big Bang” schools must show me by means of scientific proof where i am wrong or close the schools.

May this proof document be made available free-of-charge to students of science throughout the world.

It’s easier for me to believe that the universe isn’t there than to believe that it created itself by an explosion known as the Big Bang.

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author’s rights affirmed

I thank my wife, Vickie, for her tireless technical support
and Gisela from Frutillar in Bariloche (Argentina)
for giving me the initial inspiration.


Total Kinetic Energy of planets and Sun

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« The Big Bang schools in the Western nations are producing fruit after their own kind in the form of an out-of-control youth who are creating a big bang in society and a menace to our civilization. »

“Turn away from Godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called science, which some have professed, and, in so doing, have wandered from the faith.”

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