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An Easy Meal

An easy meal

for the
Corporate Church Executives:
President, Secretary & Treasurer of the Ecclesiastical Corporation
and the
Christian Nobility who ride on their coattails:
registered Theologians, Seminarians, Academicians,
Preachers and Pulpiteers

3 March 2014

1.No royal sufferings to share with King Jesus. They deny Jesus as King, although he is sitting on King David’s throne as promised by God on oath and announced to the world by Peter on the day of Pentecost, referring to his resurrection and ascension, see Acts 2,30+31. They receive Jesus only as Savior, personified as Santa Claus whom everybody loves and who has no enemies, (1)

2.The enmity of Genesis 3,15 is not reflected in their lives. They amalgamate with the pagan world, have peace through conformity with God’s enemies and their evil laws and overlook their usurpations against what belongs to God, primarily: Holy Matrimony, its fruit, children, born and unborn, and God’s Church which, correctly defined, is people, us, all believers, inclusively,

3.No tribulation is known to them nor ever will be known, because of the careful, politically-correct decisions they make, remaining in the good with God’s enemies in positions of authority, regardless of how evil and lawless the nation becomes. A Pulpiteer named Susana said from a state-registered pulpit in my hearing [in Spanish]: “To send our children to the Argentine public schools is like sending them to Hell,” yet she and her husband continued sending them, as would be expected of apostates or people with a seared conscience. The Early Christians were of the opinion that those who neglect their family are worse than infidels. A Theologian named Leo said to us: “We don’t denounce anti-Christ candidates running for political office because of our own convenience and the fear of loss (2)” A Christian Noble by the name of Victoria told me categorically: “We’re not in Great Tribulation!”

4.No hardship to endure as good soldiers of King Jesus. They are jolly good soldiers of a man-made institution (registered Corporation) that, by legal contract, belongs to the God-hostile state [see: Civil Code: establishing and dissolving a corporation]. As such, they claim to own nothing, like Jesus, John the Baptist, Paul, etc., instead of telling their devotees that the God-hostile state (not God) is the author and finisher (holds the sole right of disposal) of the institution that they call “the church,” which is none other than the worldwide mystical body of the anti-Christ. This information is esoteric knowledge kept from the parishioners so as not to negatively affect the placing of tithes and offerings into the Corporate collection plate,

5.They hold and tender man’s credentials from the authorizing agents of their Ecclesiastical Corporation and reap the respect of persons that such papers solicit, even though “respect of persons” was taboo among Early Christians as also were man-made, “spiritual” credentials,

6.They are seen as honorable professionals in the pagan, corrupt, and lawless society and vested with its authority, equal to the politician, banker, abortionist and night-club owner, and for their professional services they are known to accept honorariums and/or wages from the Treasurer of their Corporation,

7.They do not separate from God’s enemies so they formally, by signed contract, receive the numeric symbol of the anti-Christ’s God-hostile authority placed upon individuals and their children, elsewhere known as the “mark of the beast,” and they are card-carrying members of the anti-Christ’s lawless, rebellious, de facto nation by which they qualify to secure his bank accounts, banking services, employment services and cash benefits from the underworld of stolen money, such as social security payments, retirement payments, per-child allotments, payments or credits, etc. The wife of Preacher Antonio told us: “The mark of the beast is everywhere, even on our credit cards, but it only contaminates our body, not our hearts!”

8.They qualify for “free-of-charge” national child care and anti-Christ indoctrination for all who receive the mark of the beast and remain loyal, passport-carrying citizens,

9.By receiving the mark of the beast they qualify to borrow the anti-Christ govern­ment’s vehicles, to travel and transport with them and to have unlimited access to all the power of the Industrial Revolution,

10.They won’t be going to Waco, Texas [Mt. Carmel concentration and death camp, 1993] or anywhere else to stand against the anti-Christ government’s multi-faceted death and desolation squadrons whereby they would certainly be arrested, demonized in the media AND by state-registered Christians and possibly lose everything, because the Mission Statement of their Headquarters, in agreement with the anti-Christ provider of the Ecclesiastical Corporation, doesn’t allow it, even though they post on their wall that they help people on both sides of lines of conflict. It’s a lie and only true if the conflict is not between God and the provider of their Corporation. (3) # #

  1. Such ones are described in the book of Jude, verse 4, second to the last book in the New Testament writings, as follows: “…they deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.” Santa Claus Jesus is who these apostates are following, not Jesus “sole Sovereign and Lord,” nor Jesus who cleanses his Temple. To them the Temple of the Holy Spirit is a state-registered building or institution, an unclean and unholy place.[]
  2. These double-agents make you think they are on God’s side of the line in issues of Jesus’ Lordship but they don’t expose the fraud, lies and sins of the anti-Christ civil magistrate out of professional courtesy and the fear of loss because if they did they would lose their preferential status and perhaps their citizenship also. Consider the case of Falls Creek [Virginia, USA] Church, Incorporated, the institution, commonly referred to as a “church” where these words were proclaimed in 1992: “To vote for Bill Clinton would be to sin against God.” For this proclamation of truth they lost their corporation status. I talked personally to these courageous Christians before they were disen­fran­chised. Elsewhere, Mr. Snowden had his passport revoked for revealing shocking truths. Private Bradley revealed other heinous, macabre, covered-up truths and is presently in a concentration camp for those “crimes” against pirates. You, my dear reader, will have to decide who has God’s approval and what has to be done.[]
  3. My Christian brother, Olaitan Oyetunbi, and i were falsely arrested by the F.B.I. at the military checkpoint to the Mt. Carmel concentration camp on 16 April 1993 as we crossed the line taking humanitarian supplies to the families under siege. We were the Good Samaritans and Washington’s agents were the criminals. Three days later Washington’s agents, presided over by Mr. Bill Clinton, torched the whole complex murdering a multi-national group including two dozen children. We took our Case-in-Chief to the War Crimes Tribunal of the World Court.[]

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