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A tragic scenario comes before an angry God.

Thirty-three (33) Chilean miners have been trapped 700 meters underground for more than twenty days and they are still there at this moment. A multi-national rescue operation is underway to create a way of escape which is predicted to take three more months.

Imagine the horror and disbelief if, when, after millions of dollars of expenditure, months of endeavors and thousands of man-hours of efforts, a rescue team member, none other than the son of the owner of the mine, arrives at the underground cavern and the miners kill him and reject the notion that they are in need of being rescued.

Well, the number “33” is significant in another story of a heroic rescue that ended just that way. In the year 33 A.D. Jesus, who was sent to rescue his people from their sins and to gather them into the Heavenly Kingdom, was rejected as a fraud and killed. Unto this day most men prefer their man-made, earthly institutions to a Heavenly citizenship, and modern nations disallow this story from being part of the curriculum in a school movement led by the same rebels who claim they are not in need of being saved and that children are better off without Jesus. What’s worse, Christian leaders send their children to these rebellious institutions to learn Godless truths, that they know are lies, but they send their children anyway (not us), and they teach their followers to do the same.

What will be the end of these rebels after Earth is set aside and man is left standing face to face before an angry God whom they have severely insulted?

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