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a False Marriage

By a false spirituality, the anti-Christ unites his Corporate Church Executives to his body through a quasi marital union called “incorporation,” meaning : two become one , and provides them with a false humility by which they can say: “I own nothing,” because, as creator and controller of all corporations the anti-Christ government owns everything, beginning with the offering plate and all contributions placed within it and including all the goods and services proceeding from them.Then he imposes a false Lordship upon them by compelling them to give account to him of all the benefits of this contractual union, as they say: “God’s blessings,” every 15th of April in the USA.

They see this as a holy act of self-effacement, and submit to the anti-Christ in this and all things as unto God, citing Bible verses to show how God put him in authority over his Church. The circle is completed by receiving and teaching others gathered in Jesus’ name to receive by voluntary contract the anti-Christ’s control numbers:

  • the driver’s number,
  • the 501(c)3 tax and benefits numbers,
  • the real ID number and
  • the social security number

by all of which they finance and empower the anti-Christ’s furious death and destruction escapades against the un-aligned kings and families of the earth, and this is how it is said that the Corporate Church Executives are an abomination which causes desolation standing in the holy place.

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