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A Critique of Homosexuality

The mouth is on a person’s face which gives it a distinguished place of honor among the members of the human body. A penis demeans the mouth. Putting a penis in the mouth is like putting a foot in the mouth. Also the tongue is fit for neither the vagina nor rectum. Allow me to be perfectly frank; they were not made for each other. There are higher body parts and lower ones. The mouth and tongue are higher than both the vagina and rectum. May God help us to recognize the wisdom of this design. May I continue.

Semen is not food and was not made for the mouth, nor was it made for the eyes, nose or ears. Putting semen in the variety of holes of another man, woman or beast’s body might be exciting and may be construed as a form of art, but somewhere in the human processor there exists an awareness of incongruity, signaling that such practice is indiscriminate, contrived, disoriented and against the natural order.

The flow of urine, by the Creator’s design, is blocked during ejaculation because it is detrimental to the procreative flow. Likewise, semen was not designed to be lifted to the higher body parts and vice versa. Semen, like excrement, demeans the person who gets a job done in the mouth. Such disorientation leaves me aghast, yet it evokes my compassion, not derision.

Enamored feelings aroused by contemplating yourself in a mirror is a disorientation called narcissism ((Narcissism = 1. self love, egocentrism, 2. erotic gratification derived from an admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development, Random House Dictionary, unabridged, 1967.

Note: Until recently, the homosexual community was dependent upon the heterosexual community for providing partners for its survival. Cloning now provides homosexuals with the hope of an alternate source of partners closer to procreation than ever before. Through cloning a homosexual or narcissist might actually be able to contemplate himself or herself in a mirror & be elevated to higher levels of self love.

)) and is also worthy of compassion. In my opinion, narcissism and homosexuality are similar disorientations and are both able to be unscrambled and conquered, with God’s help.

The rectum serves the body in the flow of excrement. The rectum does not demean a latrine, for which it was made. A penis is demeaned by the rectum. The penis has no use for the rectum nor its excrement and vice versa, the rectum has no use for the penis nor its semen. They can only violate each other. Disregard for this wisdom can be life-threatening.

The penis honors a vagina when specifically and exclusively belonging to your wife (as defined by God who authored Holy Matrimony, not by Caesar). The penis and vagina were made for each other and are of equal rank among the members of the body. Together they harmonize in the awesome work of procreation, whose products are masterpieces ((If I may, unwanted children are masterpieces too. I, myself, was an unwanted newborn in 1952. According to my mother’s public testimony on April 29, 1974 in Niles, Michigan I was in danger of the butcher knife. In her words: “I hated him so much I had to sit on my hands not to take a butcher knife to him.” My mother got help and I thank her for mothering me.

Also, for the record, my children did not evolve from dinosaurs, if I may respectfully dissent with men of learning, scientific or otherwise. Nor do you tell a child he evolved from an animal and then begrudge him for acting like one. I have much to say on the subject of incongruity, at another time.

)) unsurpassed by human instruments.

The awesome euphoric sensation that accompanies the sex act can appear all-encompassing. However, it is but a small part of the whole of human sexuality, albeit a good and proper part, and is not to be confused for the whole; it is a sensation which is limited, ephemeral and diminishes with age. The fruit of procreation, by contrast, is the conception of a tiny, beautiful, priceless, precious, new baby, a unique miniature, a blend of the genetic inheritance stemming from an uninterrupted column of procreative forbears extending back to Creation.

With that, I have said my peace. Now I wish to declare that at the moment of this writing, two of the dearest people to me, people that God undeniably has brought into my life & I into theirs, are gay.

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