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The Stone the builders rejected

To: Friends of a Second Christian Reformation
From: Gary and Vickie Spaulding and 5 children
Date: 3 August 2014

Subject: The Stone the builders rejected.
Headline: Expulsion Ultimatum to force us out of Argentina

It’s the same old story of Christian persecution for Jesus, our “sole Sovereign and Lord,” who has been eliminated from all the nations on this planet with no exception known to us. [On 1 August 2014 Migration officials came to our campsite and stated: “You have 15 days to leave Argentina, if you don’t, you will be forcibly expelled!”]

The Argentina border police (Migraciones) want us to lend our power to the anti-Christ nations and we have said: “No.” Therefore, we are scheduled to be forcibly ejected. We are soon to be ambassadors in chains as were the Early Christians.

Gary received a prophetic vision 10 months before the melt down of the World Trade Towers and Building 7 announcing: “the End of the Era before the Collapse.” That dream helps us maintain our equanimity. The era of Christians finding hope of the “One Nation Under God” on this planet is over. King Jesus, resurrected, ascended, seated on the Heavenly throne over his nation is now our only hope. We go with him to our next station in his plan, if he allows them to displace us. We are willing to live, to be bound, to be mistreated and to die for his Heavenly interests, as necessary. The Early Christians are dead. Now it’s our turn.

P.S. You might be interested in a posting that Gary made last Easter Sunday (High Resurrection Day) under the title: a Letter to the Photographer. It provides a brief overview of our pilgrimage during the past 25 years.

P.P.S. For anyone interested, perhaps our last posting before being forced out will be a critique entitled: Whatever belongs to Caesar, “Give it back!” ##

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