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You (Judge Holt) are remanded to the Hobart penitentiary

Tasmanian Judge, ORDER To: Judge Holt c/o supremecourt@supremecourt.tas.gov.au From: G. Spaulding, called to represent Jesus, Lord paramount, until he comes Subject: You are remanded to the Hobart penitentiary CC: To the aggrieved individuals Beerepoot family (and their friends) hello@calebsjournal.com Date: 25 July 2019 Dear Magistrate and Enforcer for the Satanic world order: ORDER: I am…

Christians are separatists

Top Secret graphic

This graphic is designed to stop Modern Christians from their infernal amalgamation with the Christ-eliminating world. By Jesus’ definition we are “in the world but NOT of it ! ” Please copy and distribute.

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Candid Critiques

Demerits for falsifiers, and worse

The worst direct mass murder in the USA in recent years was of the Branch Davidian families on 19 April, 1993, near Waco, 76 people (26 children among them) were murdered by Washington's Delta Force, among others. News reporters who say the Las Vegas massacre was the worst get a demerit. Furthermore, the Branch Davidians…

Christians are separatists


Exposé : DOUBLE AGENTS standing in unholy pulpits ○ ○ ○ A call to return to God's holiness in hopes of restoring credibility to Christ and spirituality to modern Christianity so that God's will can be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Addressed first to: State-registered leaders of the Christian Church and leaders…

Public Notices

Open Letter – impeachment of Mr. Trump

OPEN LETTER To: The White House, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. From: Gary Spaulding, root surgeon Date: 20 September 2017 Subject #1: impeachment of Mr. Trump Subject #2: emergency humanitarian aid to the nation of North Korea If Mr. Trump's words to the United Nations were as reported to me then his are the words of a…

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Christians are separatists

Let My People Go ! 2017

To: People in positions of authority, worldwide, over Church, State and family
Kindly be advised that God’s people must separate from all formal, contractual ties to the nations of the nefarious, Christ-eliminating, Satanic world order — themselves, their families and their homestead, as we also have done, in spite of great tribulation.

Christians are separatists

Allodial land

God’s people must flee from the nations of God’s enemies to the “mountains of separation.” This treatise on allodial land might help them decipher Jesus’ metaphor and find their way to higher ground.

Select Communications

Remember Lot’s wife

To: 1) Christian leaders in the USA; 2) Freedom2015.org conference, Des Moines, Iowa From: Gary, root surgeon Date: 1 November 2015 Subject 1: “Remember Lot's wife ... flee from Sodom & Gomorrah ... don't look back!” Subject 2: Root-level Christian Reformation Brethren, greetings in Jesus' name! We are calling God's people to separate from the nations of the Satanic world order, as we…

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